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How to maintain Makita BL1430 drill battery

New modern Makita BTS130Z BFR540RFE cordless drills come equipped with Lithium-ion power tool batteries. These batteries are different from the aforementioned Nickel based batteries in every possible way. The entire chemistry is different and so is the behaviour. Li-ion drill batteries have no memory effect and hate deep discharges.

Wholesale Makita BL1430 drill batteries

Best ways to maintain Makita BL1430 cordless power tool battery

  1. Store the Makita cordless drill battery in a partially charged state of 40-50%.
  2. Charge it frequently without letting it drop below 20-30% charge.
  3. Recondition it by using the Makita drill normally till power drops and give it a full charge.
  4. Operate and store it in a cool environment as much as possible. Performance and Makita BL1415 power tool battery capacity decreases in high temperatures.
  5. Operate it between 30%-90% charge without either charging or discharging it fully. This will increase the charge cycles of the Makita cordless tool battery many times.